Server management

At the end of 1995 we made our first website and started with server management and hosting. That first site was built with Cold Fusion, at the time it was the only way to build database driven websites on Windows.

Microsoft quickly followed with ASP and then .NET, but these days it is almost all Linux and PHP that we build and host. Although Windows and Linux are a world of difference, we still do server management for both.

A lot has changed in these years, technique is ever evolving. Now we have Multi Homed, fully Synchronised sever, Global Load Balancing, Caching, CDN and Automatically growing Cloud servers.

Nothing changed

What did not change is that we still thoroughly enjoy what we do..! Trying to get the most out of our systems, build stable, secure and fast servers and hosting environments.

What did not change either is that our customers are the center of our business. Our job is to support you in executing your online ventures.

What our customers really appreciate is our 24×7 support. It does not matter when you are working or need help, we are always available..!