Suffering from a DDOS attack?

A DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack can be done in different ways, at different network levels, url based etc.. Likewise there are different ways to protect against it. Key elements for DDOS protection are,

  • Identification of network attacks
  • URL based attacks
  • SYN flood
  • Malformed request protection
  • URL blocking
  • BMR patterns ((body­match­reject against SQL injections)
  • IP Blocking
  • Intelligent Request Throttling (most used and recommended)

The most known and common SYNFLOOD attack is best protected at the hardware level with load balancers, or firewalls. Url based attacks that are typically executed with botnets, are more difficult to ward off. More difficult, because the attackers simulate real visits to your website. They control a whole network of real (hacked) computers around the world which they use to make requests to your site. And how to tell the difference between a real visitor, or a hacked computer…?

We can help to filter out any fake traffic and protect against any DDOS in less than 15 minutes…

How does it work..? We route your traffic (through DNS) to our DDOS protection servers. They filter out any attack on different network levels, url based, etc.. The attackers are immediately blocked and they will never reach your own server(s).

The capacity of our protection servers is huge, typically 250.000 requests per second are easy to handle. It can also be scaled up to protect against the bigger attacks.