One of the most important aspects of a hosting company is continuity.

Continuity means reliable, stable servers and internet connections, but also a stable organisation. People who know what they are doing and an organisational structure that can survive in economical and political turmoil.

That is why we are a virtual company. Our people are spread out across the world, Europe, India, North and South America. The advantages are, spread of risk, low cost (wages, office space, connections, etc..), flexibility in office hours and the availability of a huge amount of very talented people. That is how we have English, Spanish and Dutch speaking consultants, engineers and helpdesk people working with us.

For you that means, very competative prices and our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round availability. Our data centers and server locations are also spread out over the world. At this moment we manage servers in Germany, England, Ireland, The Netherlands, USA, Canada, Brazil, South East Asia and South Africa. When it comes to server locations, we do not depend on just one data center. Even better, our policy is to host your website as close as possible to your visitors. Because that makes a big difference in the speed of your website.

Since 1995

We have been active in the hosting and programming business since 1995 and that is why our company has evolved into it´s current form. During all these years we have gained a huge amount of knowledge and experiencein the business. Building our first website in 1995 we started to do our own hosting. And we never let go since… We like to tune, tweak and try to get the best out of our servers and build stable, fast and redundant platforms. Optimization and stability are the biggest challenges in the hosting business.

Programming is also still part of what we do. Some of our clients like our approach and way we work. It is also convenient to have both the hosting and programming with the same company.

Read what our customers think about that:

Connaxis fits perfectly in the way we work: we need flexible, swift and highly skilled teams to help us build and grow our company. For our cloud hosting, they are exactly that. They truly are a part of our team.

Igor Kluin

For 3 years Connaxis Hosting has the provider for the Cratos Group. Reliability, flexibility and quick solutions in case of problems are very important. On all these points Connaxis scores very well. For us Connaxis is our reliable hosting partner!

A.L.M. Muller
When Paul of Connaxis Hosting came to support me on one of my largest eCommerce projects his strong character and personal approach made the difference and grew to really respect his professionalism and appreciate his positive nature.

Connaxis Hosting learned me how to translate a complex business issue to a simple but very strong online strategy. With a structured approach and constant focus on maintenance project goals they are a pleasure to work with, consistent, always keeping campaigns and teams on track.

M. Werdler
De servers van Connaxis Hosting zijn goed, maar goede servers kom je wel vaker tegen. Het grote verschil is de service. Deze staat namelijk dichtbij de klant, en dat is precies waarom wij voor Connaxis gekozen hebben. Je hebt direct iemand aan de lijn met verstand van zaken. Ze denken oplossing gericht en geven niet op
Rutger Mik ZRGBV
Ik heb met diverse projecten met Connaxis hosting gewerkt. Ze leveren snelle en betrouwbare omgevingen met een goede service. Bij eventuele incidenten reageren ze heel accuraat!
Bas van Pel
Goede service en betaalbaar. Paul staat altijd voor ons klaar en denkt met ons mee. Wij zijn al jaren erg tevreden!
Frank Bonnet
Superpro’s they are! Quick with answering, quick with solving, quick with technical solutions and very fast with bits and bytes!
R. van de Poel
Zelden zo’n professioneel en klantvriendelijk bedrijf meegemaakt als Connaxishosting.
Friso Nijholt
Fantastische 24×7 service! Als je ze nodig hebt, dan staan ze voor je klaar. Op de gekste tijdstippen, als er een storing is en je probeert ze te bereiken, kans is groot dat ze het probleem al opgelost hebben.
Peter van Grinsven
Heel simpel: snel en goed! Ze weten perfect een technisch probleem te vertalen in een simpele werkbare oplossing voor het juiste bedrag… 🙂
D Kinsbergen Brandools