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Office 365

Just like G Suite, Microsoft offers their full office suite in the cloud.

It is simply great that you can always access all your docs, mail and contacts, wherever you are with whatever device you have. Be it your mobile on holiday, your desktop at work or your tablet at home. You can read, edit work together with your colleagues on any document you want. Just as easy, no matter what.

No worries anymore about backups too. Everything is in the cloud. If your own pc crashes, just replace it and connect again. All your data is still there, in the cloud.

Working together with your team has become more efficient and easier. Everything can be shared, you can work together in any document at the same time. You can see each others changes and also undo them. And you do not have to be in the same office space either. Anyone can work from their preffered work place.

Office 365 in short

  • All office programs available through the web
  • Use your docs on your desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Always a safe backup in the Cloud
  • Docs, email, agenda and contacts can easily be shared
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