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We can register nearly every possible domain extension. Do a domain check here and scroll down to see the complete list. Every domain extension (usually country related) has it´s own set of rules for who can register, or not. Sometimes you have to be a resident of the country, or have a business there.

Domain names and the DNS system can also be used to globally load balance and direct your visitors to local content. USA visitors will be directed to the USA servers and Chinese visitors go to the servers in China. It can also be used for fail over. If part of the network or servers are down, visitors are only directed to the servers who are up. This way we can guarantee 100% uptime.

Sending your visitors to servers closer to them also gives you a faster website. Ideally your websites loads within 4 seconds and it will load faster if the content is closer. It works almost the same as a CDN (content delivery network). CDN uses the same DNS technique, but is usually only used for images and java scripts.

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