Global Load Balancing

Load Balancer as a Service

(GSLB) is a technology which directs network traffic to a group of data centers in various geographical locations.

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What is global load balancing?

Load balancing means your websites traffic is divided over different servers, so the load of one particular server will never be too high. This keeps your website performing well. With global load balancing, apart from balancing the load in one particular area, we can also direct your visitors to servers in different countries or regions.

So, for instance your USA visitors will be directed to your USA servers and Chinese visitors go to the servers in China. Directing traffic to the closest possible content makes for a faster website experience and lower latency. The USA and China servers itself will be load balanced, so the website will never fail.

This can either be used as an alternative, or in combination with a CDN (content delivery network). It depends on your application which is better to use.

The global load balancing can also be used in a fail over configuration. A fail over configuration means that in case your China servers are down, our system detects that and through the DNS routes all traffic to the USA. When the problem is solved and the other servers are up, traffic can be routed to those servers again. Although this type of fail over has some negatives with regards to browsers caching, it is sometimes considered better than no fail over at all.

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Closer is faster

Global load balancing is used to send the visitors to the closest servers. Because the webservers are closer, it means a faster website.

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