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Next generation hosting

Cloud Hosting is fully redundant, and does not have one single point of failure. The whole idea of the Cloud was to build a better, more stable and secure platform. One that would never fail…

So, that is what the Cloud is..! A better, more stable and secure hosting platform. If a processor or memory module fails, it is simply taken out of production. But the Cloud will still function. So the chances of something going wrong because of a hardware failure are smaller on the Cloud. On a Dedicated server you can have redundant disks by using RAID, but that is pretty much it.

An extra advantage of the new techniques that are being used is you can automatically grow your servers capacity. Because it is now possible to take out failed cpu, memory etc.. it is also possible to ADD them.

So, how can you use that..?

Suppose you have an idea for a new website, and want to be able to grow the business within a year to a lot of users. You don´t want to invest in huge amounts of hardware, but slowly expand according to your needs.

We start with only one server, stress test your application to see how many users it can serve and setup a growth plan. With the automatic scaling and global load balance options, we configure your website so it can handle small amounts of traffic when you start, and grow automatically when you get more visitors.

The best thing is, apart from being redundant without one single point of failure, you only pay for the hardware time you use.

Cloud advantages

  • Next generation hosting
  • Chances of outage or downtime are minimal
  • Automatically scale up and down extra hardware
  • You pay only for what you use
  • Flexible; no long term contracts
  • Everything is redundant
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