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More than 1000 visitors per day

A Dedicated server means that you have the whole server just for yourself. Websites with more than 1.000 visitors per day need more hardware than smaller websites. The costs are higher than a Shared hosting, or a VPS, because you have to pay for the whole server and not just a little part of it. But, the big advantage is you will not be bothered by the neighbors website…!

But, the big advantage is you will not be bothered by the neighbours website…!
Because that is the biggest disadvantage of a Shared website or VPS. On a Shared server it is possible that your neighbours website gets too much traffic, is being hacked, or under a DDOS attack and it takes down the whole server, including your website.

Then what is the difference with a Cloud Server?

The Cloud is fully redundant, and does not have one single point of failure. If a processor or memory module fails, it is simply taken out of production. But the Cloud will still function. So the chances of something going wrong because of a hardware failure are smaller on the Cloud. On a Dedicated server you can have redundant disks by using RAID, but that is pretty much it.

Because the Cloud is using the latest and greatest techniques, it is also still more expensive than Dedicated. With a Dedicated Server you will get more hardware per USD. So, if price is your most important factor, you are best of with Dedicated. If you are not entirely sure what you need, check our overview page Shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud…

Dedicated advantages

  • Starting at usd 50 per month
  • More than 1000 visitors per day
  • If you use specific software
  • Have control over infrastructure
  • Highest uptime and fast speed
  • Bundled Bandwidth
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